Men's bandana scarf white O BND109 - Size: Univerzálna


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Color Biela

Stylish bandana scarf from the latest 2020 collection in white. bandanas have become a stylish addition to the modern age, so they should not be missing in your wardrobe either. The scarf is complemented by stylish patterns, thanks to which you will look really modern and stylish with it. A bandana is actually a square scarf that is usually worn on the face, neck, hair or hands. The scarf is made of high-quality cotton material, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The scarf perfectly covers your face and is also suitable for hiking, cycling, running or as a decoration. The men's bandana scarf will enliven your outfit, thanks to which you will look modern and stylish. The scarf is suitable for sportswear but also for clothing in the city.

Material: 100% cotton

Size: 53x53 cm

Color Biela

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