Men's bracelet with natural mother-of-pearl stones Metal - Size: Univerzálna

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Stylish men's bracelet in an interesting design. The bracelet is made of natural pearl stones in pink and is complemented by a metallic ball. This bracelet will stand out perfectly on your wrist. The bracelet is on a solid silicone rubber band, thanks to which it perfectly encircles your wrist. Suitable for any occasion as well as for casual wear.

Pearl: Pearl is a hard, crystalline material that forms pearls. symbolizes femininity, the feminine principle with its round luster, mildness but also with its variability. it protects its owner from accidents and misfortunes and even warns us against them by changing its appearance.

Healing effects: mainly affects the structure of bones and teeth, supports the nervous system, prevents muscle and muscle cramps and protects the skin from sunburn, affects fever, regulates digestive problems and reduces sensitivity to allergens.

Length: 19 cm

Weight: 18 g

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